top colleges for online degrees in Phoenix In USA

top colleges for online degrees in Phoenix in USA :- Some of the top colleges for online degrees in Phoenix, Arizona are also some of the top colleges in the state. So it should come as no surprise that students would be clamoring for a chance to be accepted into these online programs. With flexible options and the opportunity to pursue an affordable degree from renowned institutions, this ranking comes at the right time for students.

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top colleges for online degrees in Phoenix

Not all online programs make it easy for students to get the information they need. A quick overview of tuition costs, types of degrees available, and accreditation is essential so students can view only the schools that meet their needs. This ranking has all this information and more packed into one list so students can use it as a starting point for their research.

As a marks-based ranking, this list has been thoroughly researched to provide only the most relevant information to students. It started as a search for the top colleges for online degrees in Phoenix, AZ on the National Center for Education Statistics College Navigator database. Once all relevant schools were compiled, each school’s website was researched for more information. Schools were awarded points based on the following factors:

Types of online degree options available (Associate, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate): 1 point per degree level.

Cost per credit hour:
Under $250 – 4 points
$251 – $350 – 3 points
$351 – $450 – 2 points
More than $451 per credit hour – 1 point

Regional Recognition:
Current – 1 point

Student-Faculty Ratio:
10:1 or less – 3 points
11:1 to 15:1 – 2 points
More than 15:1 – 1 point

The final 10 schools can be found within a 100-mile radius of Phoenix, Arizona. They are listed below based on the total marks earned by the school during the research process.

Accredited Online Colleges Serving Phoenix, Arizona

Earning a college degree is an investment – and earning a college degree from an institutionally accredited university is one of the best ways to ensure that your education is of high quality. Institutionally accredited universities are held to rigorous standards by state and regional bodies and undergo regular reviews to verify that their processes and academic programs meet appropriate standards.

Wondering if a certain college or university offering a degree program near Phoenix, Arizona is institutionally accredited? View a list of institutionally accredited online colleges and universities serving Phoenix, Arizona here. We’ve made it easier to find your school by dividing the list by school type.